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Why is it urgent to digitize your business?

Digital transformation, you keep hearing about it. Sometimes too many elsewhere. In this article, let's start from the beginning and raise the simple question of why to embark on the digital transformation of your business.

All activities are - or will sooner or later be impacted by this big change - even in Reunion Island you will be using digital sooner or later!
One of the very important elements to boost your income through digital is ‘’ E Commerce ’’. Also called Electronic Commerce, it can be defined quite simply as all commercial transactions that can be carried out remotely using the Internet.

How Is E Commerce Beneficial For Your Business?

Unlike traditional commerce, which consists of having a local on site in order to sell your goods and thereby limit the scope of your customers, online commerce gives you wide visibility and does not limit your customers. Having said that, you can have clients from all over the world. For example if the headquarters of your company is in Germany you can have customers in America, Asia and Africa etc ...

Another advantage of e-commerce is the amount of information you can get about your customers throughweb analytics.

You can locate your customers, see what pages they are viewing on your site and what they are buying. You can then use this data to optimize your online store. What are your most popular products? At what level in your store do your visitors get discouraged and leave the site? What are the design changes and promotions that increase sales? You can also use a lot of this information to drive sales in your store.

Plus de 4.79 milliards  d’internautes ! Ce sont les derniers chiffres connus de l’année 2020. Donc que vous le vouliez ou non, la première raison de se lancer dans la digitalisation complète de votre activité, est tout simplement que vos clients ont changé et se sont eux-mêmes digitalisés.

To the question of why it is urgent to digitize your business, the answer list cannot be exhaustive.

What is scary is that in order to transform, we will have to wipe out the past. And not all companies are ready for it, far from it. At best, those who freeze on their past model will be able to adapt.

Der eigentliche Schlüssel für eine erfolgreiche digitale Transformation besteht jedoch darin, zunächst Gedanken, Verhaltensweisen und Praktiken zu transformieren. Es geht darum, die Denkweise des Unternehmens zu ändern. Der Schlüssel zu einer erfolgreichen Transformation ist das Denken. " Stay4DigitalBoom ".

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